India Retreat 2011

Retreat to India: Taj Mahal 12-15 Oct & Rishikesh 15-23 Oct 2011

“I organized my first Wild Blossom Yoga retreat in October 2011. After five people had signed up I traveled to India to guide them through the mother land of Yoga.

Our voyage started with the visit of the famous Taj Mahal and the Fort in Agra. After seeing striking Indian architecture and hearing about important Indian history we were ready to get to our final destination Rishikesh.

Rishikesh lies on the foothills of the Himalayas and is located in the province of Uttarakhand in the northern part of India. Throughout our stay we resided in a wonderful Ashram by the ganga. The simple accomodation gave the group members the needed privacy to relax and process all the impressions collected throughout their days.

The daily routine in Rishikesh consisted of meditations at the wholy river Ganga and a Five Element Yoga Practice. Kamni, our private cook, kept our hunger at bay performing her food magic and giving us new insights into the northern Indian cuisine. Thanks to our knowledgeable local drivers our afternoons were full of explorations: hikes with breathtaking views, temple and cave visits and haggling over prices with local market vendors.

I am very happy about my first Yoga retreat. I know that India can be very intense at times but I am positive that each participant was able to take something home from this incredible journey. The vibrant surroundings can touch many different feelings but in the end it shows us more about ourselves, gives us the opportunity to discover who we are and making us able to change something that doesn’t suit us any longer. I am convinced that this journey gave us all many opportunities to learn how to go with the flow. If we can integrate this more into our daily endeavors it is a tremendous step toward our own freedom.”