An introduction to Yoga and Ayurveda

Posted by admin on 15th March 2011 in News

(In other words, the science of life, the knowledge of living)
2 hour Workshop with Natalie Ulrich
Monday, March 21st, 6:00pm to 8:00 pm (cost $ 20)
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Location: Baker 11, Cornell Medical Center, New York

Spring Equinox is approaching. This is a time to embrace change. To move stagnant energy and remove toxins that effect energy, health and vitality of our bodies. This is true, not only for nature but this is also a fantastic time for us to clean out closets, remove that which does not serve us any longer (a thought, a habit, a desire etc.) Learn how to create balance in our bodies and mind. Explore how to make conscious and responsible choices in all aspects of our lives. Purifying mind and body. Learn how what you eat and what you cannot digest may have a tremendous impact on your physical and mental well being. Ayurveda, emphasizes prevention of disease, rejuvenation of our body systems, and extension of life span.

This course will be a combination of a yoga practice and learning how to make the necessary small changes, finding harmony and well being in your life.

Join us for this transformative, inspiring, soulful and purposful experience! (open to all).

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